The Optimum You
by Duncan Christie-Miller


"The Optimum You is designed to help you to unlock your latent talent and thus achieve significant personal results.

There are many publications and programmes which offer to help you become the equivalent of a Superhero, but I take a different view and believe that what is realistic, achievable and practical is to aspire to be the best YOU can be – The Optimum You.

Thus, you are not compared or measured against other people – only against yourself."

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About the Author

Duncan is the living embodiment of The Optimum You.

He attentively puts into practice all the positive points he makes in this book. He possesses a special range of skills and talents – all forged in a variety of demanding, challenging and formative environments. 

His story includes 20 years active service in the Royal Marines Commandos, appointment as an Equerry to HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, command of the unique Royal Marines Officers Training school as well as a highly successful business career on leaving the Marines...


Making The Most Of You

Everyone wishes to achieve their best possible results. Everyone is unique.

The Optimum You guides you through a series of actions, behaviours and thoughts which will help you to achieve your own, unique potential.

The Optimum You presents you with short, readable chapters, each containing relevant nuggets of Duncan's hard won experience.

Readers are presented with inspiring thoughts and actions which when applied as a whole will give each person their own path to personal happiness and fulfilment.

Your mind, body and spirit will be uplifted by this book.

You will become The Optimum You.

Duncan Christie-Miller

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"It is your latent talent which really interests me.
At any age, at any time, all of us have talent which lies used or underused. The Optimum You is designed to help you achieve your very best results, success and happiness."

Duncan Christie Miller
May 2021
Become your best self with this unique and inspiring guide to personal happiness and fulfilment!

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